Our Mission & Vision

Our mission, at Citadel, is to deliver construction projects successfully for our clients; by meeting their projects' budget, schedule, scope, and quality objectives without any outstanding claims.

Our vision is that Citadel will symbolize a team of reputable professionals that clients seek to help them manage their construction projects, and other professionals aspire to join.

About Citadel

Citadel was incorporated in 2006 and has been serving public sector clients since then. Citadel has offices in Pasadena, Fullerton, Long Beach, Sacramento, and Riverside, California, as well as Phoenix, Arizona; and has field staff at numerous project locations throughout both states.

Citadel’s project management professionals manage or support over 200 projects for 17 agencies with over $4 billion in total project cost.

Citadel has been built on a set of three principles that form our core values as a professional organization: Integrity, Professionalism, and Responsiveness.


The professionals who represent Citadel maintain a high level of integrity in performing their services. They understand the importance of their role as owner representatives and the importance of their responses to situations to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest.


Citadel strives to staff our clients’ projects with credentialed professionals who possess the appropriate degrees, licenses, and certificates. We provide financial incentives for our employees to continue their professional development and encourage them to attain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation, Certified Construction Manager (CCM) certification and professional registration.


Citadel is committed to being fully responsive to our clients. Our size enables us to be flexible, adjust and respond quickly to the changing needs of our clients, and accommodate a broad range of construction project management services. Our personnel fit seamlessly into a client’s organization as owner representatives. They understand their clients’ demanding project and political challenges and are experienced in working and responding to situations under those circumstances. They are there to represent the client and Citadel is here as a resource for them to make every project rewarding, every challenge successful, and every client satisfied.


Citadel holds the following Local, Small, and/or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certifications:
  • US SBA - Local Small Business Enterprise, Federally Funded
  • CA DGS - Small Business Enterprise
  • County of Los Angeles - Local Small Business Enterprise
  • City of Los Angeles - Small Business Enterprise
  • City of Los Angeles Harbor Department - Local Business Enterprise
  • City of Long Beach - Small Business Enterprise
  • Port of Long Beach - Small Business Enterprise
  • Metropolitan Water District - Small Business Enterprise
  • Los Angeles Unified School District - Small Business Enterprise
  • City of Los Angeles - Local Business Enterprise