LA-Regional Interoperable Communications System


LA-RICS Authority

Project Location

Los Angeles County, CA

Project Cost


Services Provided

  • Design Oversight and Management of Site Civil Activities
  • CEQA and NEPA Environmental Documents Review
  • Sites Assessment and Valuation
  • Review Vendors Proposal
  • Participation in Vendors Negotiation
  • Contract Documents Review
  • Document Control Management

Project Features

  • Complex Multi Site Program
  • 255 LTE and 88 LMR Sites
  • 88 Member Agencies
  • Co-Location with existing facilities
  • Broadband Telecommunication
  • New construction of towers and shelters for equipment
  • Coordination and Processing with multiple Jurisdictional Agencies
  • Preparation of a Project Delivery Plan to include:
  • Broadband Telecommunication Opportunities Program (BTOP) Grant Funding
  • Multi Level State and Federal Grants Funding

The LA-RICS communications initiative is a mission-critical, interoperable, public safety voice and data communications initiative for LA County, LA City, and most of the contract and non-contract municipalities of the County. The radio deployment will cover 4,084 sq. mi. of the County, including 1,875 sq. mi. of mountains, 81 miles of coast line, and across a landscape of altitude that extends from -9’ to 10,080’. There are 10,347,437 people (27% of CA) in the County, 88 municipalities, and 2,653 sq. mi. of unincorporated area. The LA-RICS initiative will support over 50 public safety law enforcement agencies and 31 fire departments, for a total of over 34,000 first responders and 18,000 second responders.

The events of 9-11-01, have highlighted the need for first responders to be able to communicate with each other. Emergency communications primarily address local jurisdictional needs. Most agencies in LA County and LA City utilize separate radio towers and equipment, often co-located, and separate radio frequencies. Currently, there is duplication of costs and first responders cannot communicate with each other. Many legacy radio communications systems around the county are obsolete and well beyond their useful life.

The vision of LA-RICS is to construct, own, operate, and maintain a regional, interoperable public safety radio system. The program will establish a county-wide public safety wireless voice and data radio system for all first and second responders.